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Let's move together
Let's be healthy together

New experiences to
engage your children's
body and mind


Image recognition and augmenter reality games
that will take you on an unforgetable adventure


YOUR AUGGIE IS your mirror
keep him healthy
and stay healthy yourself

Auggies get fat and sick, if you don't take care of them.
And they are a mirror image of you
Keep your auggie and yourself healthy!


Simple to use interface
Intuitive and easy
Explore, play and exercise

Play through the tutorial and
continue on to a simple to use
interface designed for kids

Auggies are a gamified app that helps children become active

With the rise of new technology that makes children passive, overweight and unhealthy so rise the Auggies! An interactive app that gamifies the otherwise dull and boring exercises routine for children while also teaching them valuable life skills.

Every child gets an auggie that they have to take care of and with the use of augmented reality, image recognition and other new technologies they also take care of themselves in the process.

Set yourself or your child on an adventure full of fun that will leave you in good shape and healthy. Download the app today for free!

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